Lady Bits, the Twins, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s), whatever you call them, these babies come in all shapes and sizes and no pair is the same! Even if you measure to fit a certain size cup and band, I’m sure you ladies are well aware that doesn’t mean every single style is the right style for you. So to stop you from rifling through every bra under the sun, see what criteria you fit into below to find out what bra profiles will suit your unique lady lumps.


Are your breasts are on the smaller side and wide set?
What type of bra you should try: From a small tiddy biddy to another…Get yourself into a Bralette. These will sit firm against your skin without the fuss of trying to fit into a wire. A plunge neckline will also gather your breasts inwards.



It’s feeling a little Madonna circa 1990 vibe when you look down.
What type of bra you should try: Conical breasts tend to be perky and point outward away from the body, with little volume in the top and bottom. A padded plunge bra will lift the apex of the breast upwards, creating a more natural rounded shape.


Your breasts gravitate toward the outside of your chest leaving a significant gap at the centre.
What type of bra you should try: Bring those babies back to true north with a Plunge Push Up bra. - padding in the sides will help push them towards the centre. A bra with a front closure would also be ideal for your breast shape, reining them in with a front fastening.

Naturally round, full and completely supported breasts #blessed.
What type of bra you should try: Literally anything! Fully supported, round and symmetrical, you can pretty much pull off any style you’d like, or even go bra-less if that’s what you’re about. Boosted volume, or light & natural, we recommend going with whatever bra helps you achieve the look you want.


You have a naturally deep and longer cleavage, and need that extra bit of support.
What type of bra you should try: Any plunge neckline bra will help guide your breasts to the front and centre to create a bit more of a natural look cleavage. If you have this tubular shape in a smaller cup size, you’d find that a plunge bra with padding would give you the most flattering shape.
If you have unevenly sized breasts, you are NOT alone! It is more common that women have one breast bigger than the other than absolutely symmetrical breasts.
What type of bra you should try: When shopping for your bra, your most comfortable option is to shop for the size of the larger breast and insert volume into the smaller side with a removable cookie.
Your breasts have been through the ups & downs of life. With age and pregnancy, the breast tissue typically to softens and hangs lower.
What type of bra you should try: Your breast tissue tends to become looser and more malleable with age, and will spill into most shapes. It’s really important to wear a correct fitting bra to support this soft breast tissue. A bra with full-coverage will help you support your girls when they’re feeling a little deflated. A Balconette shape or fitting underwire with a lower cup sling, will provide the support you need in the lower cup whilst maintaining a natural bust shape. Look for bras that have a longer frame and wider straps, so that it is doing most of the work for you!
For the Emratas of the world (we’re so happy for you) you have naturally higher-set breasts that are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom, creating a bell shape or teardrop appearance.
What type of bra you should try: Natural cleavage, perky and supported, your shape can pretty much try any style from soft cup to double push.


September 05, 2019 by Sandra Matar



Kate said:

“Cone shaped: A padded plunge bra will lift the apex of the breast upwards, creating a more natural rounded shape.” I think you’ll find “rounded” is no more “natural” a shape than conical breasts already are. Shame so much of this is about making it seem like some breast shapes are somehow better than others.

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