Ok Marie so you're hot off the heels of your London trip and have now landed in NYC. Whats the first thing you do when you arrive?

Before anything, coffee first! Aussie’s have such refined taste when it comes to coffee due to our fab café scene, this can be problematic when traveling. After some trial and error the snobby tastebuds settle on Joe & The Juice for caffeine hits. Now that this has been settled I'm ready to pound the pavement of the city!

 What do you love about getting to travel for work?

I get a buzz from visiting different markets in search of inspiration and to acquaint myself with the desires and demands of customers in the hosting country. It’s intriguing to see how various markets differ, what is cool in one city can vary greatly to the tastes of girls in another place, which is critical information when designing a new collection.

On the business side of things, tell us about the a day in the life of a Creative Director.

Stop into our showroom in Manhattans Garment District to liaise with our US agent, scrutinizing every piece in detail, exchanging notes and placing bets on which Buyers will select each item. I hand over the new range and say goodbye. The build up is insane after you give away the designs, all you can do now is await their fate as orders are the measure of how ‘commercially successful’ the collection has been.

 What do you do to stay inspired while your away?

On my recent trip, I hit the stores for three days in search of inspiration which includes visiting EVERY lingerie (and footwear) department & observing what American girls are wearing on the street. Saks Fifth Avenue, so fab! The new season winter collections have just landed contrasting against the summer heat outside. The new fashions always impose optimism and fantasy, the evolution on last year’s hottest silhouette, the excitement of a fresh colour or a budding new brand, it’s fashions commitment the present and future.

Generally, the US lingerie market is more conservative than Europe and possibly even more than Australia and I spend my time deciphering which retailers would be the perfect brand fit for Palindrome, for now that remains a secret but all I can say is...

Watch this space USA!

August 24, 2017 by Marie Savvas

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