Are you single and dreading the doom of Valentine’s Day? I know break ups are miserable and going through Valentine’s as a singleton can be a massive pity party. Say it with us out loud… “EFF you Valentine’s Day”, we’re gonna stick it to you by not sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and alternatively enjoy the rituals and spoils anyway. Cheers to the modern girl!


Ways to say I love ME this Valentine’s Day...


  • Romance yourself with some retail therapy and ‘treat myself’ lingerie is just the thing. I don’t believe in only buying gorge lingerie when my relationship is fresh & I’m super eager, keen to impress. Get yourself together girl, nothing is more empowering than knowing you have got it going on underneath your outfit everyday of the week, not just on this day.



  • Celebrate Galintine’s Day! Amy Poehler's character in Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, bestowed upon us this fabulous holiday. Celebrated on February 13, it is a day when Knope brings her closest female friends together to celebrate "ladies being ladies".

Praise to Knope.



  • Write a hate letter to the ex. Burn it and then move on forever. Nuff said!


  • Build your confidence and book yourself for a break up makeover photo shoot – yup, that’s a thing! Take a look: http://badgirlboudoir.com


  • Now that you’ve got your glam on; Instagram your new makeover pics for all to see.


  • Binge watch movies starring your celebrity crush....


      • Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment and just exfoliate away all the BS ladies, whilst sipping on cocktail or 3 (you've earnt this)



        Valentine’s Day shouldn’t solely be a day to be reminded to show love to a special someone, but instead a day of gratitude that reminds us to appreciate ALL the things and people that are special in our lives.
        A bit of positive psychology- what’s not to love?