Lingerie Online, Shop like a pro



Some of the greatest reasons for purchasing online are the convenience, price comparisons, you get to do it privately and of course the choice of styles is vast. Whilst we love the afore mentioned buying intimates online can be intimidating for most of us, but don’t get your knickers in a knot; here are the top tips that will have you online lingerie shopping like a seasoned pro.



Know Your Size


Get a professional lingerie fitting, you need to know your CORRECT size. If you really can’t get to a fitter there are several online tools that guide you through a self-fit from fit calculator to bra size charts, but honestly there is no substitute for an expert fitter and is highly recommended.

Sizes can vary between brands so it is equally important to know your measurements; (diaphragm & over bust measurement- not over padding please!) so that you can refer to the measurement chart of each brand for a more accurate guide.

Know your size

Finding your brand


If you’re wearing a brand that ticks all the boxes on style and fit it’s a safe bet to buy from them online. Most companies develop new styles based on proven shapes in their catalogue so most of the hard work has been done if you’re already customer and repeat purchasing the brand you love.

At Palindrome; we have developed a fit system to assist online shoppers by identifying our best bra cup shapes with a name (a Palindromic girl’s name) making it easy to shop your favourites with the identi-FIT™ system.



Eliminate the Risk


Eliminate the Risk


It has really become a sport for me, the act of trying on in store and when I’m ready i.e. snuggled up in my jammies on a Sunday night proceed to purchase, as though I’m revelling in the joy of prolonging the buying process. The message here is that if you have the opportunity to try on lingerie in store there’s a confidence boost to proceed to check out.

It’s pretty common to see customers purchase several different sizes of the same style and return all but the correct fitting style, just be sure to look at the returns policy before buying to ensure there’s no issue sending things back especially on sale items.


The Sale Trap



The Sale Trap


We all fall prey to the sale bug, the high of getting a bargain is just too hard to resist but let me just say that lingerie is not the thing to snap up in sales if the size and fit aren’t right for you.

Fundamentally, your lingerie should support, contour or enhance your figure and in turn making you feel amazing so if the sale items aren’t offering you adequate functionality swipe that bra and cute panties to the left!



Read the Product Description


Reading about fabric care, washing instructions and material compositions isn't the most joyous part of online shopping but the information is essential to determine whether you'll be satisfied with your new purchase or not.

You may not be able to tell from a photograph if an item has a garment lining which may be integral to the fit or is made of a particular material, furthermore if your new undies require dry cleaning you might want to know up front!


Read the Description



Author- Marie Savvas

Palindrome Founder & Creative Director





Are you single and dreading the doom of Valentine’s Day? I know break ups are miserable and going through Valentine’s as a singleton can be a massive pity party. Say it with us out loud… “EFF you Valentine’s Day”, we’re gonna stick it to you by not sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and alternatively enjoy the rituals and spoils anyway. Cheers to the modern girl!


Ways to say I love ME this Valentine’s Day...


  • Romance yourself with some retail therapy and ‘treat myself’ lingerie is just the thing. I don’t believe in only buying gorge lingerie when my relationship is fresh & I’m super eager, keen to impress. Get yourself together girl, nothing is more empowering than knowing you have got it going on underneath your outfit everyday of the week, not just on this day.



  • Celebrate Galintine’s Day! Amy Poehler's character in Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, bestowed upon us this fabulous holiday. Celebrated on February 13, it is a day when Knope brings her closest female friends together to celebrate "ladies being ladies".

Praise to Knope.



  • Write a hate letter to the ex. Burn it and then move on forever. Nuff said!


  • Build your confidence and book yourself for a break up makeover photo shoot – yup, that’s a thing! Take a look:


  • Now that you’ve got your glam on; Instagram your new makeover pics for all to see.


  • Binge watch movies starring your celebrity crush....


      • Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment and just exfoliate away all the BS ladies, whilst sipping on cocktail or 3 (you've earnt this)



        Valentine’s Day shouldn’t solely be a day to be reminded to show love to a special someone, but instead a day of gratitude that reminds us to appreciate ALL the things and people that are special in our lives.
        A bit of positive psychology- what’s not to love?