Memoirs of a Design Director

July 2017

So, I’ve been anticipating the writing of a blog for some time & wondered about what our Palindrome girl would want to hear from us. It can be easy to see the things one does day-to-day as mechanical or the norm but upon reflection it became apparent that I, Marie Savvas, the Founder & Creative Director of Palindrome, get to do some pretty cool shit running this business and as such I invite you to join the adventure of a start-up lingerie label.

Without question, my most loved part of the season is completing the collections and preparing for them for the selling period which occurs twice a year. By this time after months of exertion; my team & I have manifested each garment from the depths of my imagination into reality; I have loved (sometimes falling out of love), nurtured & grown our smalls which are now ready to be born into the world. First showings start in Australia with Myer followed by London.                                         

There’s something about London that’s so cool, the energy is electric and there's inspiration as far as they eye can see. A stones throw away from the famous Portobello Markets our UK agent is based in picturesque Notting Hill, which is where we present our new collection to Buyers from exclusive boutiques and department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods & Kadewe in Germany. Throughout my career I have presented countless collections but no two seasons are ever received the same way, therefore emotionally I am simultaneously excited and anxious at the scrutiny ‘we’ (the garments & I) are about to face. Being the hardest critic of all, my coping mechanism is to expect the worst & hope for the best.

I start by taking the buyers on a journey of how the collection came together & set the mood with inspirations, colour palettes, what fashion trends may have been an influence as well as discussing the business aspects such as best sellers from past seasons and what is working in other markets. What I have learnt over the years is that if the collection is ‘hot’ Buyers don’t even hear most of what I’m saying during a showing, I see them fall into a dream-like trance, mesmerized by a delicate lace or consumed by a beautiful strap detail. This is when I know my job has been done right. Fashion & Lingerie should be able to transport you somewhere else, make you feel excited, engaged, a sense of desire and at this point I am reminded why I love this industry so much.

Funny thing is just as the outside world is adopting the new collection I am saying goodbye and clearing the hypothetical slate in my creative mind to set work on a new collection which will cause me the same growing pains as the last. Without question, this is a labour of love.




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