With a career spanning over two decades as a Designer and Creative Director in intimate apparel it often perplexes me as to why lingerie education is such an enigma. The majority of us girls know so little about our underpinnings, the very garments that shape, enhance, lift, nip, smooth and contour our bodies. Allow me to share 5 of the best in-the-know underwear hacks I have learnt on my journey.

1. Cup Size Meaning

Most people assume that a cup size, e.g. 34B is the same size and bra cup volume on all other B cupped bras, although the simplicity of this misconception is great in theory the reality is it’s not true. Cross grades can appear to be technical because of the corresponding relationship between the cup size to the band size which move on a sliding scale but once you wrap your head around how it works bra buying becomes super fun during sale times when your size is sold out & you understand your ‘sister’ size.
Understanding cross grades becomes more elementary when you see it visually. The colour coded chart below displays ‘sister’ cup sizes showing varying back sizes. E.g. 32C, 34B & 36A are all ‘sister’ sizes and share the same bust size, the only difference is the band circumference.

2. Wearing Your Everyday Bra, Every Single day - NOT!

You know that bra in your top drawer that is the reliable, everyday runner? The one that’s so comfortable you forget about it as soon as you’ve fastened the hook and eye? The one you wear every single day? I hate to break it to you but that’s a NO-NO! So then, how often should you change your bra? The industry recommends changing everyday and not wearing your bras for two consecutive days. Rotate your bras by letting them rest at least one day in between wears to help the elastic retract, regain its strength which in turn gives you optimum fit as well as helping to preserve your delicates.

3. Hanging On To Your Favourite Undies?

It’s time to spring clean your undies drawer because as it turns out there are firm rules for how long you should keep your undies before binning them. The Good Housekeeping Institute guidelines indicate that underwear should be thrown out yearly for health reasons to reduce the risk of urinary tract and other nasty infections. As a rule of thumb; underwear should be changed daily, nightwear after three sleeps and bedding once a week.


4. How Often To Wash And Wear Your Bras

Firstly we need to factor in the type of bra, for example a sweaty sports or milk absorbed maternity bras would require laundering after each wear but a general guideline for our standard everyday bra should be to wash after two or three wears depending on climate or other lifestyle factors that may contribute to more frequent washing. Over washing your lingerie will not do your garments any favours because this can lead to loss of elasticity which is required for functionality. Most importantly, when it’s laundry day make sure you refer to the washing instructions on the care label for the longevity of your items.    
For more on how to care for lingerie check out our blog:


5. Stack ‘em Up

You’ve paid good money to buy your intimates so give them the love they deserve. Don’t scrunch them up and throw them into your top drawer, padded bras in particular. Always lay them flat and nest them neatly inside your drawer. Folding the cups creases the pads and can make them lose their shape. Whilst we’re talking about our lingerie drawer, live on the edge and do yourself a favour by lining your lingerie drawer with some scented liners, my favourite is Rosewater Scented Drawer Liners from Crabtree & Evelyn.


March 22, 2018 by Marie Savvas



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