5 FAB REASONS TO WEAR A BRALETTEOK, ok I can hear it now, our beautiful busty girls are hollering with a resounding, “bralettes are all good if you have no boobs!” and while there might be some truth that bralette’s aren’t the right fit for everybody because they’re light in structure there is no doubt the wireless bra is holding its own in the on the runway, on the street and in sales!

I have designed lingerie for a while now, over the years many of my collections would be highlighted by a delicate, airy bralette offered as my fashionable sacrificial lamb. Yes, there was a time when I would show Buyers a new range and my token bralette would get baulked at with comments like “It’s too fringe” or “we can’t sell that!” Oh how times have changed, seems like we (and Buyers) can’t get enough of the ‘fringe’ bra that has become a mainstay in our top drawers.

We’re convinced the bralette is here to stay & here are 5 great reasons why:



Gone are the days of going home at the end of a long day and tearing off my bra. Less structure, light and breathable the bralette is just effortless to wear.


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          Not just an undergarment, these pieces have become fashion accessories, if you don’t believe me the check out festival goers or Miu Miu SS19 collection for some style inspiration.



              3. SAVE ME SOME BUCKS


              Since there is less infrastructure and fewer sizes to manufacture, the bralette can often be less expensive than a padded bra.


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                    4. IT’S LIBERATING

                    Highly restrictive and ideal beauty standards of the previous decades are becoming more relaxed with more natural beauty looks, carefree athleisure wear and the rise of flat shoes is a symbol of the times. Cue the bralette.


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                            5. SPACE SAVING GENIUS

                            I love folding a bralette and storing it into my lingerie drawer or lingerie bag to be packed into a suitcase, I marvel at how ergonomic they are at space saving


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                              April 09, 2019 by Marie Savvas

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