What BRA are YOU?

Lady Bits, the Twins, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s), whatever you call them, these babies come in all shapes and sizes and no pair is the same! Even if you measure to fit a certain size cup and band, I’m sure you ladies are well aware that doesn’t mean every single style is the right style for you. So to stop you from rifling through every bra under the sun, see what criteria you fit into below to find out what bra profiles will suit your unique lady lumps.


Are your breasts are on the smaller side and wide set?
What type of bra you should try: From a small tiddy biddy to another…Get yourself into a Bralette. These will sit firm against your skin without the fuss of trying to fit into a wire. A plunge neckline will also gather your breasts inwards.



It’s feeling a little Madonna circa 1990 vibe when you look down.
What type of bra you should try: Conical breasts tend to be perky and point outward away from the body, with little volume in the top and bottom. A padded plunge bra will lift the apex of the breast upwards, creating a more natural rounded shape.


Your breasts gravitate toward the outside of your chest leaving a significant gap at the centre.
What type of bra you should try: Bring those babies back to true north with a Plunge Push Up bra. - padding in the sides will help push them towards the centre. A bra with a front closure would also be ideal for your breast shape, reining them in with a front fastening.

Naturally round, full and completely supported breasts #blessed.
What type of bra you should try: Literally anything! Fully supported, round and symmetrical, you can pretty much pull off any style you’d like, or even go bra-less if that’s what you’re about. Boosted volume, or light & natural, we recommend going with whatever bra helps you achieve the look you want.


You have a naturally deep and longer cleavage, and need that extra bit of support.
What type of bra you should try: Any plunge neckline bra will help guide your breasts to the front and centre to create a bit more of a natural look cleavage. If you have this tubular shape in a smaller cup size, you’d find that a plunge bra with padding would give you the most flattering shape.
If you have unevenly sized breasts, you are NOT alone! It is more common that women have one breast bigger than the other than absolutely symmetrical breasts.
What type of bra you should try: When shopping for your bra, your most comfortable option is to shop for the size of the larger breast and insert volume into the smaller side with a removable cookie.
Your breasts have been through the ups & downs of life. With age and pregnancy, the breast tissue typically to softens and hangs lower.
What type of bra you should try: Your breast tissue tends to become looser and more malleable with age, and will spill into most shapes. It’s really important to wear a correct fitting bra to support this soft breast tissue. A bra with full-coverage will help you support your girls when they’re feeling a little deflated. A Balconette shape or fitting underwire with a lower cup sling, will provide the support you need in the lower cup whilst maintaining a natural bust shape. Look for bras that have a longer frame and wider straps, so that it is doing most of the work for you!
For the Emratas of the world (we’re so happy for you) you have naturally higher-set breasts that are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom, creating a bell shape or teardrop appearance.
What type of bra you should try: Natural cleavage, perky and supported, your shape can pretty much try any style from soft cup to double push.


September 05, 2019 by Sandra Matar

5 Market Trends That Will Shape Lingerie Next Season


The flower trend is still blooming in various iterations from small-scale ditsies to bold urban inspired tropicals. This theme is fun and optimistic ushering vibrant colour and pattern into the next season.



Baring more skin is inevitable with the approaching summer season, but we're seeing more new subtle and unexpected ways of this. With eye-catching bows, intricate strapping and cheeky cut-out details adorning the backs of garments, hit that row machine ASAP because soon everybody's going to be checking out that backside girl!



Gone are the days when pastels were reserved for spring and summer. Designers hit a sweet spot with macaron-inspired pastel shades that aren’t reserved for girlie looks. Keep the look fresh with colour blocking or sheer layers.



Lace treatments have spliced their way into the next season. Lace inserts seamlessly harmonise with small-scale florals and broderie anglaise, adding a weightless element to the mix.



Not for the faint of heart, this trend is almost anti-fashion; thank you Gucci! A concoction of bold pieces styled together to create a unique fashion statement. Dare to wear but remember it should be fun, lively and experimental.



July 17, 2019 by Marie Savvas


 Is your bra fitting you properly? Here are our top tips to keep your tits tops!

 1 . You're wearing the wrong size

Sounds obvious, right? But it’s more common than you think… cue the professional bra fitting! With a bit of help, you’ll be sure to get a personalized, perfect fit.

 2 .Your bra band isn’t sitting right

If the back of your bra is loose and riding up it’s a sure sign your band size is too big. On the flipside, if your band is digging in you’re going to need a bigger back size.


 3 . Your boobs don’t fit in

Your boobs don't fit

If you’re spilling out the front and sides then you’re lacking capacity because the cup size is too small. Simply size up!

 4 . Your boobs STILL don’t fit

Your boobs STILL don't fit

If your bra cup is loose or gaping over your natural bust, it’s time to size down. You want your girls to be flush with the cups, not swimming in them.

 5 . #BraStrapProblems

Bra Strap Problems

If you can feel your straps digging in or sliding off your shoulders, use the sliders to increase or decrease the length – easy!

 6 . Your centre front isn't sitting flush

The centre front of your bra should be sitting flat against your sternum. This stabilizes your bra and keeps the girls in check.

 7 . Your underwire just won't sit right


When you slide your bra on, be sure to lift-and-position each breast into the cup, allowing the underwire to sit flush against your rib cage. This will give you comfortable support and a more flattering fit.

 8 . The Golden Oldie!

We all have THAT bra. You know the one – you have had her for years, she’s looking a bit sad, the elastic a bit baggy… maybe a hole or two…. It can be hard to say goodbye, but if you want the perfect fit, you’ll need a bra in perfect condition to match!


May 30, 2019 by Eva Basford

MOMS UNCENSORED: My Post-Baby Boobs!

Post-baby boobs

Are your boobs ruined forever after bubs?

With Mother's day just around the corner, we delve into one of those lesser-talked about 'joys' of motherhood! We asked, Sydney-based photographer, fitness trainer and Mom - Claudine Newton, for her uncensored comments about how her bust changed after breastfeeding. SO! What has changed...

10 D

Just a plain padded t-shirt bra, and a sports bra with a crop top over the top when I trained. 

I definitely felt my breasts go up and down like a yo-yo while I was feeding baby. The ‘fullness’ on the top part of my breast tissue decreased post breast-feeding, so I guess that ‘lift’ and ‘round’ look I once had disappeared unfortunately.

I now sit between a 10C and 10D, so they have shrunk!

I can wear the same styles, however my breasts definitely don’t look the same in the bra anymore. I need a little more support to keep them up high!

I took it in my stride, it’s expected once you have had a baby and breast-fed that things are going to be different.

You have to work hard to get your ‘body’ back (if that’s what you want to do and can do). With the depletion of your milk supply plus weight loss your boobies can look a bit ‘sad’ by the end of it all, but your little bundle is so worth it.
I think it’s also a time that women don’t feel particularly ‘sexy’ (at least I didn’t).

Definitely that upper breast support and something that gives me a nice full look again.

It is! Generally I don’t think I know anything about where to begin when finding the right bra for me.

I think women really do need a fitter to help them and make the suggestions otherwise we just keep going for the same styles and don’t explore other options that could be better.

It takes time for everything to adjust so be patient.

I’d definitely recommend getting a wonderful fitter to help find some new pieces for your wardrobe and help you feel amazing.





May 09, 2019 by Sandra Matar


5 FAB REASONS TO WEAR A BRALETTEOK, ok I can hear it now, our beautiful busty girls are hollering with a resounding, “bralettes are all good if you have no boobs!” and while there might be some truth that bralette’s aren’t the right fit for everybody because they’re light in structure there is no doubt the wireless bra is holding its own in the on the runway, on the street and in sales!

I have designed lingerie for a while now, over the years many of my collections would be highlighted by a delicate, airy bralette offered as my fashionable sacrificial lamb. Yes, there was a time when I would show Buyers a new range and my token bralette would get baulked at with comments like “It’s too fringe” or “we can’t sell that!” Oh how times have changed, seems like we (and Buyers) can’t get enough of the ‘fringe’ bra that has become a mainstay in our top drawers.

We’re convinced the bralette is here to stay & here are 5 great reasons why:



Gone are the days of going home at the end of a long day and tearing off my bra. Less structure, light and breathable the bralette is just effortless to wear.


      via GIPHY




          Not just an undergarment, these pieces have become fashion accessories, if you don’t believe me the check out festival goers or Miu Miu SS19 collection for some style inspiration.



              3. SAVE ME SOME BUCKS


              Since there is less infrastructure and fewer sizes to manufacture, the bralette can often be less expensive than a padded bra.


                  via GIPHY


                    4. IT’S LIBERATING

                    Highly restrictive and ideal beauty standards of the previous decades are becoming more relaxed with more natural beauty looks, carefree athleisure wear and the rise of flat shoes is a symbol of the times. Cue the bralette.


                          via GIPHY


                            5. SPACE SAVING GENIUS

                            I love folding a bralette and storing it into my lingerie drawer or lingerie bag to be packed into a suitcase, I marvel at how ergonomic they are at space saving


                              via GIPHY

                              April 09, 2019 by Marie Savvas

                              IWD 2019 - OUR TOP 5 EMPOWERED WOMEN!


                              We Run This Motha!



                              Beyoncé empowers women who want to have it all: the career, the family, the killer threads with the bank account to match. There’s undeniable power in her confidence as she flies the flag for female empowerment with a persona that has inspired a generation of women.

                              “Girls, we run this motha, yeah!”






                              The Way We Wore



                              COCO CHANEL

                              We love this French Fashion Designer for her modernity, her timeless designs, little black dresses and trademark suits. Chanel was raised in an orphanage where she learnt to sew, it was these humble beginnings which gave her craftmanship and a great sense of drive and intuition. Her designs were revolutionary in the early 1900’s, she borrowed elements of menswear and made a point of emancipating women by emphasizing comfort over the constraints of the fashions of the day leading women to say goodbye to the days of laced corsets and other confining garments. 



                              The Power of Speech



                              MALALA YOUSAFZAI

                              A true heroine who defied the Taliban as a young girl in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education. For her activism, she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012, but survived and went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala’s book, "I Am Malala," has become an international bestseller.

                              On her 16th birthday just 9 months after being shot, Malala gave a speech at the UN where she highlighted her focus on women's rights, education urging world leaders to change their policies.



                              Becoming is Better Than Being


                              CAROL DWECK

                              Finding resources for self-development is empowering and always on our radar. Author Carol Dweck releases a compelling idea that we either have a growth or a fixed mindset whenever we look at a situation. A growth mindset perceives room for improvement. A fixed mindset sees a situation as an inevitability.




                              Carol states we should leave room for the possibility, the way we behaved in the past is not who we are allowing us the ability to grow. To find out more read: Mindset, The New Psychology Of Success.


                              Grand Slam Dame


                              BILLIE JEAN KING

                              This American former world no. 1 professional tennis player is an advocate for gender equality and has long been a pioneer for equality and social justice. In 1973, at age 29, she won the ‘ The Battle of The Sexes’ tennis match against the 55-year-old Bobby Riggs. The match set a record for the largest tennis audience and the largest purse awarded up to that time. She pushed relentlessly for the rights of women players, helped to form a separate women’s tour, and obtained financial backing from commercial sponsors.



                              March 07, 2019 by Marie Savvas

                              Top 5 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

                              Top 5 date ideas for Valentine's Day (2019)



                              Some people think Valentine’s Day is a commercialised day created by consumer brands. We’re of the ‘so what’ opinion. A day that gives you the right to be overly affectionate with your loved one, wear lingerie and clothes with red hearts and where flowers are being delivered left, right and centre is a good result no matter what the catalyst!


                               BOWL THEM OVER Marie- Creative Director

                              BOWL THEM OVER

                              Marie- Creative Director:

                              I consider Valentine’s Day a bit of fun whether you choose to enjoy it alone, with your besties or your lover it’s a reminder to love and live! This year I am planning to go tenpin bowling with my man, a glass of champagne in one hand and bowling ball in the other, of course I’ll be wearing a sexy new Palindrome set on the night although this isn’t restricted to V-Day, beautiful lingerie is something I gift myself with every day.

                               WHOLE-ARTED Yvette- Marketing:



                              Yvette- Marketing:

                              This V-Day we’re starting by meeting near the water and taking a stroll whilst eating gelato. We move on to the art gallery for a great exhibition, there’s a game my partner & I play where we can spend a hypothetical $10 million to choose artworks for our home. Afterward we’ll take a Sydney ferry towards home and stop off for our favourite local Mexican for a meal and spicy margaritas before heading back to our sofa to snuggle with our puppies on the sofa for Netflix and chill.


                               THE HELPLESS ROMANTIC Rose- Model:

                              THE HELPLESS ROMANTIC

                              Rose- Model:

                              For me the perfect V-day date is simple - dinner with my partner accompanied by a bottle of vino, and a heartfelt card. Who doesn't like to be told how wonderful they are?! 

                               SMOOCHES & POOCHES Scarlett- Merchandiser:

                              SMOOCHES & POOCHES

                              Scarlett- Merchandiser:

                              My ideal night is with my gal pals, it would be a date with our pets for a meal at the outdoor noodle markets. Usually my dog has pretty good instincts and will let me know whether the person is keeper or not so if I did have a date this year the dog would still be my sidekick!

                              SKATE DATE Suzy- Operations Manager:

                              SKATE DATE

                              Suzy- Operations Manager:

                              My theme for Valentine’s Day this year is ‘FUN’. My partner and I are having a retro inspired night starting with a session of roller skating followed by dinner at our favourite old skool diner for a burger and shake. 




                              February 11, 2019 by Marie Savvas

                              SASSY LITTLE WITCHES BREW RECIPE



                               Sassy Little Witches Brew Palindrome Cocktail



                              Serves 4

                              170gm Lime Jelly
                              2 cups boiling water
                              3 cups chilled pineapple juice
                              2 litres chilled lemon-lime soft drink
                              2 cups chilled vodka (optional)


                              1. Pour the jelly into a bowl. Pour in the boiling water and stir until completely dissolved.

                              2. Stir in the the pineapple juice, soft drink & vodka.

                              3.Let it CHILL.

                              Just add wicked lingerie.





                              October 30, 2018 by Marie Savvas

                              Guide to a Self Bra Fitting

                              The key to getting the best shape, comfort and fit from your bras is to wear the correct size. Sounds fairly basic, right? But it’s still estimated that approximately 80% of women around the globe are wearing the wrong bra size.
                              For many of us, the thought of getting a professional bra fitting is as appealing as a Brazilian wax but look no further, we’re here to help you self-fit in two easy steps.
                              The tools needed:
                              • Tape measure;
                              • Mirror;
                              • Your best fitting non-padded bra, preferably less than a year old.


                              How to Measure

                              STEP 1. BAND SIZE

                              Standing side on in front of a long mirror, place a tape measure around your under bust bringing the tape to the front. Measure firmly but not too tight ensuring the tape is parallel to the floor.
                              For your band size, refer to the size guide chart and look for your body measurement e.g. 75cm = 12/34 band.
                              Underbust Measurement Fit range
                              STEP 2. CUP SIZE
                              Measure around the fullest part of the bust allowing the tape to rest gently over the bust point (nipples) keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
                              Within your body size column, refer to the size guide chart to your cup size. e.g. 90cm = 12C/34C bra size.
                              Overbust Measurement Fit Range
                              Tip: When measuring, stand straight with two feet together keeping arms and shoulders relaxed.
                              August 11, 2018 by Marie Savvas

                              SHOP LINGERIE ONLINE LIKE A PRO

                              Lingerie Online, Shop like a pro



                              Some of the greatest reasons for purchasing online are the convenience, price comparisons, you get to do it privately and of course the choice of styles is vast. Whilst we love the afore mentioned buying intimates online can be intimidating for most of us, but don’t get your knickers in a knot; here are the top tips that will have you online lingerie shopping like a seasoned pro.



                              Know Your Size


                              Get a professional lingerie fitting, you need to know your CORRECT size. If you really can’t get to a fitter there are several online tools that guide you through a self-fit from fit calculator to bra size charts, but honestly there is no substitute for an expert fitter and is highly recommended.

                              Sizes can vary between brands so it is equally important to know your measurements; (diaphragm & over bust measurement- not over padding please!) so that you can refer to the measurement chart of each brand for a more accurate guide.

                              Know your size

                              Finding your brand


                              If you’re wearing a brand that ticks all the boxes on style and fit it’s a safe bet to buy from them online. Most companies develop new styles based on proven shapes in their catalogue so most of the hard work has been done if you’re already customer and repeat purchasing the brand you love.

                              At Palindrome; we have developed a fit system to assist online shoppers by identifying our best bra cup shapes with a name (a Palindromic girl’s name) making it easy to shop your favourites with the identi-FIT™ system.




                              Eliminate the Risk


                              Eliminate the Risk


                              It has really become a sport for me, the act of trying on in store and when I’m ready i.e. snuggled up in my jammies on a Sunday night proceed to purchase, as though I’m revelling in the joy of prolonging the buying process. The message here is that if you have the opportunity to try on lingerie in store there’s a confidence boost to proceed to check out.

                              It’s pretty common to see customers purchase several different sizes of the same style and return all but the correct fitting style, just be sure to look at the returns policy before buying to ensure there’s no issue sending things back especially on sale items.


                              The Sale Trap



                              The Sale Trap


                              We all fall prey to the sale bug, the high of getting a bargain is just too hard to resist but let me just say that lingerie is not the thing to snap up in sales if the size and fit aren’t right for you.

                              Fundamentally, your lingerie should support, contour or enhance your figure and in turn making you feel amazing so if the sale items aren’t offering you adequate functionality swipe that bra and cute panties to the left!



                              Read the Product Description


                              Reading about fabric care, washing instructions and material compositions isn't the most joyous part of online shopping but the information is essential to determine whether you'll be satisfied with your new purchase or not.

                              You may not be able to tell from a photograph if an item has a garment lining which may be integral to the fit or is made of a particular material, furthermore if your new undies require dry cleaning you might want to know up front!


                              Read the Description



                              Author- Marie Savvas

                              Palindrome Founder & Creative Director