How To Care For Your Intimates



Here are a few tips you can use to get maximum life out of your favourite pieces!

  • To give your lingerie longevity it is best to wash by hand using mild detergent.
  • If you wish to machine wash; place garments in a wash bag and into a cold, delicate machine cycle.
  • Always fasten your bra band before washing so it doesn’t snag other garments.
  • Always hang or flat dry your smalls, never put them in the dryer as the heat will cause the fabrics to lose elasticity.
  • Don’t fold your padded bras in half. The cups will lose their shape.
  • Give your bra a break! Rotate between four bras each week to help preserve the elasticity.
  • When storing, nest padded bras into each other to preserve shape and for space saving.
  • Get fit! Due to fluctuation you should have a professional bra fitting every six months.
February 22, 2018 by Kim Carruthers


Are you single and dreading the doom of Valentine’s Day? I know break ups are miserable and going through Valentine’s as a singleton can be a massive pity party. Say it with us out loud… “EFF you Valentine’s Day”, we’re gonna stick it to you by not sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and alternatively enjoy the rituals and spoils anyway. Cheers to the modern girl!


Ways to say I love ME this Valentine’s Day...


  • Romance yourself with some retail therapy and ‘treat myself’ lingerie is just the thing. I don’t believe in only buying gorge lingerie when my relationship is fresh & I’m super eager, keen to impress. Get yourself together girl, nothing is more empowering than knowing you have got it going on underneath your outfit everyday of the week, not just on this day.



  • Celebrate Galintine’s Day! Amy Poehler's character in Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, bestowed upon us this fabulous holiday. Celebrated on February 13, it is a day when Knope brings her closest female friends together to celebrate "ladies being ladies".

Praise to Knope.



  • Write a hate letter to the ex. Burn it and then move on forever. Nuff said!


  • Build your confidence and book yourself for a break up makeover photo shoot – yup, that’s a thing! Take a look:


  • Now that you’ve got your glam on; Instagram your new makeover pics for all to see.


  • Binge watch movies starring your celebrity crush....


      • Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment and just exfoliate away all the BS ladies, whilst sipping on cocktail or 3 (you've earnt this)



        Valentine’s Day shouldn’t solely be a day to be reminded to show love to a special someone, but instead a day of gratitude that reminds us to appreciate ALL the things and people that are special in our lives.
        A bit of positive psychology- what’s not to love?





        The Nicole Thorne Guide to taking the perfect lingerie selfie

        Whether we like it or not, we are living in a selfie-obsessed world, so might as well put your best self forward right?!

        We ask Nicole Thorne to let us in on her Top 3 Do's and Don’ts on how to take the perfect selfie, better yet the perfect lingerie selfie. Whether you're a lingerie enthusiast or trying to spice things up with Bae, its always handy to know the tricks of the trade.


        - Elongate your body, try standing on your tippy toes!

        - Choose an area or position with good lighting. I always try and face the light to avoid weird shadows or dark photos.

        - I make sure I’m well-groomed, fresh tan, makeup and hair so I feel my best!


        Just be yourself and you’re sure to snap the perfect pic.



         From left to right; Firecrown Soft Cup & Firecrown String, Birdie Romper, Fantasia Soft Cup & Fantasia Cheekie


        - Don’t have a messy room or background!

        - Don’t eat that whole pizza before taking your snaps!

        - Don’t be hard on yourself and try not to compare your images to others!


         Remember to keep away from florescent lights... They are the enemy


        So there you have it, the tricks of the trade from the best in the business!

        Get happy snapping and put your best selife forward!


        October 05, 2017 by Guest User

        In the Big Apple - Let’s Take a Bite!


        Ok Marie so you're hot off the heels of your London trip and have now landed in NYC. Whats the first thing you do when you arrive?

        Before anything, coffee first! Aussie’s have such refined taste when it comes to coffee due to our fab café scene, this can be problematic when traveling. After some trial and error the snobby tastebuds settle on Joe & The Juice for caffeine hits. Now that this has been settled I'm ready to pound the pavement of the city!

         What do you love about getting to travel for work?

        I get a buzz from visiting different markets in search of inspiration and to acquaint myself with the desires and demands of customers in the hosting country. It’s intriguing to see how various markets differ, what is cool in one city can vary greatly to the tastes of girls in another place, which is critical information when designing a new collection.

        On the business side of things, tell us about the a day in the life of a Creative Director.

        Stop into our showroom in Manhattans Garment District to liaise with our US agent, scrutinizing every piece in detail, exchanging notes and placing bets on which Buyers will select each item. I hand over the new range and say goodbye. The build up is insane after you give away the designs, all you can do now is await their fate as orders are the measure of how ‘commercially successful’ the collection has been.

         What do you do to stay inspired while your away?

        On my recent trip, I hit the stores for three days in search of inspiration which includes visiting EVERY lingerie (and footwear) department & observing what American girls are wearing on the street. Saks Fifth Avenue, so fab! The new season winter collections have just landed contrasting against the summer heat outside. The new fashions always impose optimism and fantasy, the evolution on last year’s hottest silhouette, the excitement of a fresh colour or a budding new brand, it’s fashions commitment the present and future.

        Generally, the US lingerie market is more conservative than Europe and possibly even more than Australia and I spend my time deciphering which retailers would be the perfect brand fit for Palindrome, for now that remains a secret but all I can say is...

        Watch this space USA!

        August 24, 2017 by Marie Savvas
        Memoirs of a Design Director

        Memoirs of a Design Director

        July 2017

        So, I’ve been anticipating the writing of a blog for some time & wondered about what our Palindrome girl would want to hear from us. It can be easy to see the things one does day-to-day as mechanical or the norm but upon reflection it became apparent that I, Marie Savvas, the Founder & Creative Director of Palindrome, get to do some pretty cool shit running this business and as such I invite you to join the adventure of a start-up lingerie label.

        Without question, my most loved part of the season is completing the collections and preparing for them for the selling period which occurs twice a year. By this time after months of exertion; my team & I have manifested each garment from the depths of my imagination into reality; I have loved (sometimes falling out of love), nurtured & grown our smalls which are now ready to be born into the world. First showings start in Australia with Myer followed by London.                                         

        There’s something about London that’s so cool, the energy is electric and there's inspiration as far as they eye can see. A stones throw away from the famous Portobello Markets our UK agent is based in picturesque Notting Hill, which is where we present our new collection to Buyers from exclusive boutiques and department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods & Kadewe in Germany. Throughout my career I have presented countless collections but no two seasons are ever received the same way, therefore emotionally I am simultaneously excited and anxious at the scrutiny ‘we’ (the garments & I) are about to face. Being the hardest critic of all, my coping mechanism is to expect the worst & hope for the best.

        I start by taking the buyers on a journey of how the collection came together & set the mood with inspirations, colour palettes, what fashion trends may have been an influence as well as discussing the business aspects such as best sellers from past seasons and what is working in other markets. What I have learnt over the years is that if the collection is ‘hot’ Buyers don’t even hear most of what I’m saying during a showing, I see them fall into a dream-like trance, mesmerized by a delicate lace or consumed by a beautiful strap detail. This is when I know my job has been done right. Fashion & Lingerie should be able to transport you somewhere else, make you feel excited, engaged, a sense of desire and at this point I am reminded why I love this industry so much.

        Funny thing is just as the outside world is adopting the new collection I am saying goodbye and clearing the hypothetical slate in my creative mind to set work on a new collection which will cause me the same growing pains as the last. Without question, this is a labour of love.

        July 19, 2017 by Marie Savvas